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ENGLISH RAZA Pet Food | Responsible Pet Ownership
ENGLISH RAZA Pet Food | Responsible Pet Ownership
The responsible pet ownership involves thinking in a life to which we must protect, nurture and care every day. View our advice.
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Responsible ownership

Having a pet is a big decision. You should take into account everything this entails.

Think that it is a life you will have to protect, feed and take care of every day. You have to be ready to educate your pet, so that he or she will respect you and adopt you as the owner.

It is necessary to adjust your place for your pet, introducing any changes or elements as required for his or her safety and comfort.

Taking care of your pet means devoting part of your time to him or her. Sometimes demands will be great, sometimes not, but your dedication should always be intense and committed.

You have to remember that your pet will need to go out, do exercise and play in order to have an outlet for his or her energy, as cats and dogs are not sedentary.

You should be informed about the food type, schedules and portions required depending on age, size and energy needs.

It is essential to take your pet to the vet on a regular basis. You should pay attention to any manifestation or change of behavior that may indicate something is wrong.

You have to protect your pet from any extreme weather and temperature, by keeping him or her in a cool place in summer to avoid dehydration, and in a warm environment in winter to prevent him or her from catching a disease.

In addition to feeding and protecting your pet, express your loving care with pats and by staying close, so that your pet can feel your love.

Owners are responsible for their pets: they should be ready to respond for any action against other people, the environment, other pets, any property, or if they participate in humanitarian aid projects.

When planning your holidays, you should think carefully what to do with your pet, either if you decide to take him or her with you or if you find a place where your pet can be taken care of during your absence.